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Bendigo Plastering Services

Bendigo Plastering Services


When you consider the strength and durability of plaster, combined with the elegant and stylish look it can create, it’s easy to see why plaster has been a popular wall and ceiling finish for decades. It will simply never go out of style. There’s no better way to get the wall and ceiling plaster that you need than with our service. We are a professional and licensed plasterer that provides a range of services geared towards offering only the highest quality results. Whether it’s installation, repair or any other related plaster work you need done, you’ll only get the best from us.

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Bendigo plastering is nationally recognised as one of the best in the plastering industry. As an established member of the plastering industry, Bendigo plastering can promise and deliver a high level of expertise and professionalism in our service to all sectors in Australia.

At Bendigo plastering, we strive to offer responsible, values-driven customer focus to enable our clients to achieve their intended goals. With several years of unmatchable experience and numerous engagements with big projects, you can be well sure that Bendigo plastering is the contractor to hire.

We are known for the quality of artistry and on time completing our service hence earning a reputation as one of the trusted and reliable plastering companies in Australia.

Bendigo plastering company has been an integral partof the successful completion of significant projects in Australia. People that have worked with us always recommend us to their friends for any plastering work. Over the years, we have portrayed ourselves as reliable contractors and experts in this field.

Here are the services we offer

About Us

There’s simply no getting around it, our service is here to provide only the highest quality results when it comes to plasterwork. Plaster can be an amazing wall and ceiling finish due to the range of benefits that it can have, including durability, but that’s only if you have a licensed plasterer that you can rely on. We are just that service. Our plaster services have achieved amazing and reliable results for many homes and businesses throughout Bendigo, and it’s why we should be the number one choice for any plastering jobs that you have. Whatever work you need to be done, you know we provide the results that you want.


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Our Services

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Look no further than us to find the best range of plastering services available in Bendigo. Whatever plastering jobs you need to be done, we are the team that’s perfect for the job. Our services are perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial plastering. So, if you need any cement plastering or any related work done, we’re the team you can rely on. We can install and repair both ceiling and wall plaster, including hanging plaster and plaster render, and offer a further range of solid plastering services, including cement plaster for a number of uses. We also can take care of any work related to either renovations or insurance claims.

If you have a question you may find the answer on our FAQ page.

Check out our blog for useful plastering tips, recommendations & suggestions. With many years of experience, we are thrilled to share these for you.

New House Plastering
Commercial Plastering
Plastering Renovations

New House Plastering

When you are building your new home, there’s a number of options to choose from when it comes to wall and ceiling finishes. We think there’s no better option than plaster. We offer the best range of Bendigo residential plastering services. We are the Bendigo plaster installers that specialise in a range of new house plastering services, including Gyprock plastering and related plasterwork. Our new house plastering services offer you the chance to affordably have plaster finishing installed. It’s easy when we are the best Bendigo plaster hangers.

Plastering can be a sweet deal as a finishing option for your house. Bendigo plastering offers plastering services to make your home look more appealing and stylish for that matter. With Bendigo plastering, you are sure of durable plaster and installation within the shortest time possible.

Bendigo plastering comes with the following benefits


Bendigo plastering will do your plastering in style. Our team equipped with new skills is going to do it in a manner that will make it unique. Truly plastering has an unusual appealing compared to other means of wall finishing. However, it is not possible until you hire Bendigo plastering.  Hire us for a great deal of finishing your house.

Strength and durability

Several factors will determine the strength and durability of your plaster. For your plaster to remain strong and durable for long, you must hire skilled and use recommended ingredients. At Bendigo plastering, we have a team of professionals in plastering who know the right quantity and component to use. Don’t just hire a contractor but the best contractors in town.

Gyprock plastering

Plastering sometimes becomes difficult and time-consuming. In such a case, we recommend Gyprock plastering.  Gyprock is a technique by Bendigo plastering where plasterboards are attached to the wall directly. It helps in time-saving, durable, and reliable walls. Following the facts, we recommend Gyprock as it saves money and time.

Commercial Plastering

They combined durability and decorative appeal of plaster also make it a great option for finishing in your commercial space. Plaster, especially when augmented by plaster cornice and decorative plasterwork, is a way to create an elegant and stylish look that will thoroughly boost the professional image of your business. The durability and long-lasting nature of plaster is also great to save money long term on maintenance and repair. Our Bendigo commercial plastering service is an affordable way to meet your commercial plaster needs.

At Bendigo plastering, we pride ourselves on more than just excellent professionals in commercial plastering services. We specialise in wide commercial fits outs and finish inside and outside to deliver to our client quality results and more of it.

Why should you hire us?

Image professionalism

It doesn’t matter the kind of business you are doing; every other business requires a professional image. Plastering your business premises can be such an excellent deal.  Plaster your premises with trusted, tested, and proven companies like Bendigo plastering company. We offer to plaster that will make your business look professionally attractive.


Plastering is also cost-effective. It saves on money due to its durability and resistance to damage. Bendigo plastering team will employ techniques including Gyprock plastering, which makes plaster installation more manageable and save on money.

Licensed services

The essential thing to do is hire a contractor who is proven by the relevant authority. Utilisingauthorised contractor guarantees you professional assistance without no flaws. Promise yourself excellent plastering by hiring Bendigo plastering services. We are licensed and skilled people authorised in Australia.

Plastering Renovations

Your walls and plasterwork are really something that you have to take into consideration if you are looking to remodel or renovate your home. It can be easy to overlook with all that work you need to be done and all those plans that you have. Our service can also tackle renovation plastering as part of a larger home renovation or remodel. We offer bathroom plaster, kitchen plaster and plaster services suitable for renovating any other room in your home.

Bendigo plastering is in providing first rated services and quality craft that has been setting the standard in Australia for years. Our team of licensed, qualified, and experienced workers have prided themselves on care and high-quality artistry from day one. We offer our client a wide range of plastering services, why should you work with us?

Everything covered

Bendigo plastering services offer plastering renovation of different rooms. When you want your whole house renovated or some rooms of your home, always reach out to your trusted contractor. Bendigo plasters, we are experienced in offering quality and high standard services in any room f your house.  Come for us for the plaster renovation of any of your rooms. We are a contractor you can count on your deal.

Licensed services

Bendigo plastering is a plastering company that is permitted by a relevant authority in Australia. One of the things that you can doubt is the quality of plastering service since we are already tested and proven by the competent body; that is why we are licensed. Always ask for our plastering service, and we shall deliver quality plastering that will make your home look elegant.

Best results

Of course, we are the best plastering company in Australia. We are riding on the facts that people who have contacted us before having a story to give but not just a story but a positive story. Bendigo plastering offers you the best of what you will never get anywhere else if not at Bendigo plastering.

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Ceiling and Cornice Installations
Plastering Repairs
Plaster Insurance Work

Ceiling and Cornice Installations

Along with wall plaster, we are also the professional service that provides ceiling plaster. Like with your walls, there’s many benefits that come with using ceiling plaster in either your home or commercial space. Ceiling plaster is tough and durable and looks amazing. It’s also great for reducing outside noise, helping to keep the space peaceful and quiet, as well as having a level of fire resistance, meaning it’s also safe. We can also provide plastering cornice to further enhance the decorative appeal of ceiling plaster.

Plastering Repairs

Plaster, and related plaster work, is certainly tough and durable, but that doesn’t mean there’s no chance of damage ever occurring. There are some common forms of damage and problems that plaster finishing can encounter. This doesn’t need to prevent from getting the proper use and value out of your plaster finish, as our experienced team provides a comprehensive repair service. Our repair service is capable of handling all common damage and problems and is designed to quickly restore your plaster to the right condition.

Plaster Insurance Work

As part of what we do, we are also the plasterers that you can call in to take care of any work related to insurance claims. If your home or commercial property has experienced major damage, we know you’ve already got enough to worry about. That’s why we make sure that our insurance work service is easily organised and provides the best results without any fuss. We are experienced at dealing with and repairing plaster in all states and conditions. So, we can help you get your home or property back to normal as soon as possible.

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Contact Us Today

Want a plastering contractor dedicated to providing the most professional results? Then we are the “plastering near me” service for you. We are the Bendigo plasterer with the best range of plaster services on offer. We provide not only the high-quality installation of both wall and ceiling plaster but also repair and renovation work. We are also the licensed service that can handle any work you need to be done in relation to an insurance claim. So, call us now to get the plaster services you need.

“The results of the work that they did at our home are simply amazing.” Ken. P

“Easy to deal with, affordable and they get great results. You couldn’t ask for more.” Jody. L

“Simply the best plastering service that’s on offer. They were terrific.” Trevor. M