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About Our Team

worker doing ceiling plastering

Our service is all about high quality results. Plaster not only offers your walls great protection, it can also look amazing and is a truly stylish way to improve the overall appeal and design of your home or commercial space. But that’s only if you have the work done by a professional and licensed plasterer. The good news is, that’s exactly what we are. We are the Bendigo plastering service that offers the best range of high quality plaster services for your home and business. Plaster is a great finishing choice, made all better by our high quality and affordable services. If you want a wall or ceiling finish that’s really designed to last, there’s simply no better option than plaster and the plaster services that we provide. With our simple aim, it’s easy to get the high quality plaster services that you need with us.

When it comes to plaster work, we are the Bendigo plasterers that can always provide what you are looking for. We specialise not only in installation, including the installation of things like gyprock plaster, plaster topcoat and plaster render, we also offer professional repair and related specialised plaster services, in particular for plaster renovation work and work related to insurance claims. With all of that provided by our service, and our services available for both residential and commercial properties, why would you need to look anywhere else? You can be sure that we’re always ready to tackle any plastering jobs that you have.


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