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If you have an older house, you may be considering repairing its cracked plaster ceilings and walls. You may also need a plaster repair when giving the interior or exterior walls a fresh coat of paint. 

Therefore, you may consider hiring a plaster repairer for your project because the expert has pleasant experience and knowledge of different types of plastering such as exterior plastering, interior plastering, spray plastering, plaster slabbing, screeding, floating and so on.  

Hiring the best Bendigo plaster repairer is worth the money, for it will prevent future wall and ceiling replacement, which can be costly. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the right plastering contractor to undertake your painting project.   

The article will tell you about some of the plaster’s problems and how to find the best plaster repairer.

Wall and ceiling plastering photo taken in Bendigo with a broken wall

Common Plaster Problems  

There are different plastering problems. The best Bendigo plaster repairer should identify the problem to help him determine the right tools, materials, the repair duration, and cost. 

Knowing how to fix each problem will prevent costly renovations in the future. The following are the common plaster problems.  


Is your wall or ceiling stained? The discoloured spot is a sign of water seepage into the plaster from the exterior side or roof. Don’t ignore such a sign because it can contribute to expensive water damage. Therefore, repair discolouration or bubbling in the plaster to prevent further damages. You can begin by repairing the leaking plumbing line before replacing the plaster. 


A building settles with time, which affects the wall or ceiling plaster. Although it’s a normal process, this stress is shown by unsightly cracks. These features may be an indication of weak spots in your plaster, such as areas around the doors and windows. 

It can also be a sign of more significant issues; thus, the plasterer should investigate the foundation to find out if there are several cracks in other areas. Whatever the cause of these cracks, they should be filled and strengthened to prevent them from reappearing. 


The plaster could be damaged by the movement of furniture or when a football hit the wall or ceiling. Such a bang can damage the plaster, and it’s vital to repair it as soon as it appears to prevent it from developing into a bigger problem. 

Although removing this damage and restoring the plaster may require a lot of work, with proper technique and the best Bendigo plaster repairer, you can get the original perfect state. 

Level of Plaster Damages 

When a plaster fails, it can create a tremendous mess in the house; thus, it shouldn’t be ignored. Acting early will help you to save the original plaster. Thus, the best Bendigo plaster repairer will take the first step to identify how severe the damage is and then give you a quotation.   

Finish Coat Failure 

In most instances, you may realize that it’s only the topcoat that has failed or what is called delamination. Thus, the plasterer repair will need to use a putty knife to scrape off the loose finish coat and use a brush to remove it while leaving the sound material intact. 

Key Failure 

At times a portion of the plaster might detach itself from the underlying lath; thus, you might need to remove the part that has broken off from the surface. However, don’t use force when removing the detached section, for it can damage other areas. An experienced Bendigo plaster repairer should be able to work on the damaged area and restore it to its original state.  

Tips for Hiring the Best Bendigo Plaster Repairer

Ceiling plastering job photo we completed in Bendigo

The following are the surefire tips for picking the best Bendigo plaster repairer for your project.  

Get Referrals  

It’s essential to hire a reputable contractor for your plastering job to avoid disappointments. One way of finding an experienced plasterer is to seek referrals from your close friends and family who had the plaster of their old homes repaired. These clients will give you honest feedback.   

Search Online 

Visit useful sites and find local drywall and painting contractors. These websites will provide you with information about specialized plasterers for the work. Other sites are local directories and yellow pages. Most of the old painting and plaster repair contractors market their services in the local directories. For instance, you will find the Bendigo Plastering Services website listed there.  

Use Local Contractors  

Highly reputable local builders are also a good source of information. Bendigo Plastering Services will appoint a right plastering contractor for your job. The company is located in your neighbourhood; thus, it’s easy to establish a good relationship with them. It’s also easy to evaluate their past job and reputation since some of their clients are nearby. 

Get Several Quotations 

Obtaining several estimates from different contractors and asking for references for this will help you understand why they’re charging that much. 

Perform Background Checks 

Confirm whether the contractor is accredited, licensed, a member of a trade association, and insured. It’s also crucial to establish whether he is trained and experienced in plaster restoration. The number of complaints registered with the trade association or consumer protection office can help you understand what to expect from this contractor. 

Beware of Low Bids 

Some plaster repairers might quote lower than the rest to win this project.  However, it’s good to avoid the too-good-to-be-true bids that may lead to unforeseen expenses as the work progresses. On the other hand, the high bids don’t translate to a good job, but the extra money you spend on quality and timely work from the best Bendigo plaster repairer will pay off in the future.   

Your home is your most significant investment, and you need to maintain it to look beautiful and comfortable for you and your family. A well-maintained home increases your property’s value; thus, you should ensure that the plaster repairer you pick is qualified and experienced. 

Contact Bendigo Plastering Services at 0491 641 345 or email at [email protected] for a quote and more information about wall and ceil plastering. This Bendigo plaster repairer will make a difference in your home renovation.

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