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Ceiling and Cornice Installations

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Your walls are only one place where you can take advantage of all that plaster has to offer. It’s also great for your ceiling, and that’s what our plaster services also extend to ceiling plastering. Ceiling plaster can really stand out, making it a great way to really make the most of the natural decorative appeal that plaster can have in any space. This can be further increased by things like plastering cornice. Our professional service can provide ceiling plasterwork for both homes and businesses, and offers the easy and truly affordable way to really make the most of plaster as a finishing.

Ceiling Plaster

As well as wall plaster, our licensed service also specialising providing ceiling plaster. As with your walls, there are many benefits that come with employing ceiling plaster in either your home or commercial space, including the real elegant and timeless appeal that plaster creates.  Our installation process is quick and smooth, so there’s no need to worry about being inconvenienced as we do any work around your home or in your business. Along with this, we also offer a range of complementary services designed to further enhance the decorative appeal that ceiling plasterwork can have, including plastering cornice.


There’s a number of reasons why opting for ceiling plaster in your home or business is a good idea. The first, most obvious, is the fact that plaster is highly durable and strong. This makes it long-lasting and means that there’s less chance of any repair work being required. Both these factors mean that plaster is a long term cost-effective option. Plaster ceilings are also great for blocking outside noise and are safe because they have a level of fire resistance.

Plastering Cornice

Plastering cornice is one way the decorative appeal of plaster can be further increased. Simply, it’s additional plastering work that can be done around the edges of any plaster that you have applied, especially along the edges of ceiling plaster.  It can be designed and employed in a range of creative ways to vastly improve the overall aesthetic quality of plasterwork, so it’s perfect if the main reason why you are choosing plaster is for its appeal. Our expertise when it comes to using plastering cornice means that you can employ our team to help you create an unforgettable look that will make a serious impression.

True Style

Using plastering cornice to compliment other plasterwork is a simply unbeatable way to create a look that oozes true style. This can be especially useful for commercial spaces, as it can really boost the appeal of your professional image. We specialise in helping you to create a range of well-designed and amazing looks with clever and effective use of plaster cornice, and other techniques. So, if you are looking to create an unforgettable and look that will simply never go out of style, our plastering team can provide just what you are looking for.


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