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A ceiling can be one of the most overlooked parts of the house. However, this section has several design opportunities, just like walls, floors, and furniture. There are several stylish ceiling plastering ways of decorating this space to elevate the entire room.

Photo of ceiling ideas with a stunning ceiling for your home

Continue reading the article for more ideas on how you can change the ceiling.

Wood Wonder

A wood ceiling can add beauty and warmth in any house, starting with a rustic bungalow to a room with soaring ceilings. You can use wood to add colour, texture, and style thus elevating the space

Use light-toned wood ceiling and blend it with off-white walls to emphasize the open, bright character of this area.

Another option is to use a curved wood ceiling to give your living a theatre-like vibe. You can also leave bowstring tussles exposed to inject a modern drama.

Use dark planks on the ceiling to create a mountain style. The bright natural light that gets into the room will wrap it in coziness.

Beadboard Ceiling Panels

These are flat planks with beads. A beadboard ceiling gives your room a warm cottage feel. Thus, use beadboard planks to transform a plain drywall ceiling without decreasing the height of the room. You can paint the ceiling planks to blend with the colour on the wall.

More so, you can install the planks in the direction of the floorboards to continue with the design. Run the ceiling beams perpendicular to the beadboard to add an exciting twist.

PVC Tiles

These tiles are rich in design and transform a plain ceiling by giving it an elegant work of art. The coffered PVC ceiling tires are lightweight, have a luxurious touch, and provides the room with a new and fresh feel.

They are also less expensive to install, and you can customize them by match, mixing them with panel designs, and colours. You also invert the panels to give the room a sculpted effect.


Don’t be stuck with a dull neutral shade, transform the feel and look of this space using a couple of coats of paint.

Use faux stone paint to add architectural interest. You can use brighter colours on your ceiling to make it appear higher and darker ones to make it feel lower. Lower ceilings create a cozy intimacy.

You can create perfect stripes and paint them with a roller to add a visual impact. Create pea-green and brown stripes in a boy’s bedroom ceiling to transform the flat white ceiling.

Wall Papers

Wallpaper is a significant design element that adds personality, colour, and art. Anaglypta wallpaper has raised texture, and you can use layers of colours to transform a flat ceiling.

There are three types of wallpapers that you can use for your ceiling. They are pre-pasted wallpaper that has glue that is activated using a damp sponge. The second option is paste adhesive on the ceiling and sticks the paper while the last option is peel and stick. It’s the best because it’s easy to slide on the ceiling. You can contact Bendigo Plastering Services to have your wallpaper customized with your favourite design.

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

These tiles have an excellent insulation factor, and besides giving the room a sleek look, the ceiling control’s the room’s temperature. They are available in different textures, and you can use them to cover water spots and stains or add visual interest to the ceiling.

Although they are available only in white colour, you can use latex paint to change them and complement your room’s colour scheme and d├ęcor. They will add more value to your home and impress the guests.

Stucco ceilings

Stuccoing a ceiling creates a feeling of lightness. Thus, these ceilings are appropriate for a bedroom where you wake up and see space on top of you.

Paint the main surface in a different colour and stucco white to highlight it or vice versa. There are different materials that you can use to create a stucco masterpiece. These are alabaster, gypsum, soft stone, fibreglass, polyurethane, or Styrofoam.

Tin Ceiling Tiles

Real metal panels can have curves, beading, vine motifs, and other intricate visuals to create a textured focal point in the house. The design was popular in the late 19th century in Australia, but today you can get hand-painted finishes and permanent look using powder-coated finishes.

Tin tile for the ceiling is available in various patterns and finishes. You can opt for small patterns for rooms with low ceilings or when looking for a subtle look.

On the other hand, large patterns can give a room a bold look. Thus, use tin tile to make an excellent ceiling accent.

Types of Ceiling Textures

As discussed above, there are different types of ceilings, thus varied looks and styles. Similarly, several ceiling textures are created using different compounds with a view of changing the look of a room. They include.

This ceiling newly updated with plastering in Bendigo

Smooth Ceilings

Hides any imperfection of the material used to make the ceiling. You may give the wood panels additional sanding to bring out the grains and hide spots.

Swirled Ceilings

Gives your ceiling a beautiful, unique look. You use a sponge or a swirling tool that is dipped into a compound to create a pattern.

Knockdown Ceilings

You create the texture using a watered-down compound, and as it dries, it leaves stalactites that are scraped away to leave a stuccoed texture.

Popcorn Ceilings

Is a rough, bumpy look of cottage cheese or popcorn. The only challenge with this texture is that it’s hard to clean; thus, many people are opting for other textures.

Skip Trowel Ceilings

This texture gives a subtle stuccoed feel. You can do this using coarse sand and adhesive or joint compound. Using a trowel spread the mixture to create this texture.

Orange Peel Ceilings

The texture is similar to an orange peel. It’s common in modern homes and business premises because it is easy to clean. You create this texture by spraying the ceiling with a drywall compound.

The texture of your ceiling is as important as the ceiling itself; thus, you can add a pattern to your ceiling. Creating some of these patterns requires experts because it involves a lot of effort and time. Contact Bendigo Plastering Services for high-quality results.

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