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New House Plastering

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When choosing a wall and ceiling finishing for your new home, there’s a lot that of information that you need to wade through. There are quite a few options that you can go with. So which one is the best choice? Well if you are looking for a finishing that’s long-lasting and incredibly durable as well as highly decorative, then plastering your walls and ceiling is probably the best choice for you. Our Bendigo residential plastering service can provide plastering and plaster work for new houses.

New House Plastering

Our plaster services cover new house plastering. Plaster can be a great finishing option for your home for many different reasons. It’s durable, it’s stylish and, with a number of techniques that our team can employ, it can be installed and applied in a shorter timeframe than you may realise. When you weigh this against the other options that you have, you’ll quickly see that plaster really stacks up and is the superior option in many ways. We are the Bendigo plasterer that can provide truly high-quality plaster finishing for your new home. So, get off to the right start and get a wall finishing that truly lasts.

Strong and Durable

The main reason why plaster is such a great finishing option is the fact that it’s strong and durable. Plaster is designed to be able to withstand superficial and minor damage, such as knocks, bumps and even scratches, which can help lower maintenance and repair costs around your home. This means that minor accidents in your home are unlikely to result in any damage to your walls. The durability of plaster also means that it’s a cost-effective choice, as it will last longer without the need for much repair or maintenance. So, make sure that you offer your walls the very best protection.


The real appeal of plaster is further increased due to the stylish and elegant look that it can help to create around your home. Plaster has a truly elegant and sophisticated appeal that’s completely timeless and it has a far higher level of appeal when compared with most other wall finishes. So, if you are looking for a way to increase the overall appeal of the design of your home, opting for a plaster finishing is one way that you can achieve this goal.

Gyprock Plastering

One of the downsides of plaster is that it can often be quite laborious and time-consuming to have installed. That’s where gyprock plastering can be really beneficial. This is a technique where plasterboards are directly attached to frames installed in the walls, which is beneficial for a number of reasons. This helps to reduce the time that’s required to install strong and durable plaster walls, as well as reducing the amount of clean up time that’s required. Both of these facts make gyprock plastering a cost-effective option, as it can help to lower the amount of money that you have to spend on labour.


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