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Over Decades now, plastering has been considered as the best way to renovate households, business houses, or offices. Plastering brings about a new elegant look to the house. Hence plastering renovations are the best way to get your home, business house, or office walls as well as the ceiling with a new stylish look.

If you are looking to renovate a house today, consider plastering among the renovations you need to undertake to achieve complete house renovation. In this blog post, we’ll share with you the trending residential plaster styles you can adopt, insights what to do, and taking care of cornice, how plastering can improve your home, considerations when hiring professional plasters, and lastly will talk about how we protect our environment.

Freshly plastered wall and ceiling done in Bendigo

Top 10 Residential Plaster Trends

The plastering is not often the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to improving your house. But it should be the first thing that should be in your account. Then again, plastering is used to build wall walls and ceilings, which have a significant impact on any room’s overall appearance. We’ve searched for the latest plastering ideas for residential houses, and here are the top 10 residential plaster trends to follow when renovating your home.

Lates work in plastering completed in Bendigo

 Venetian Plaster

There’s only one way to get started, and that is with the plaster Venetian plaster. This is simply another term for lime plastering for those who are unaware, and there’s no denying that this has become the most common and adored method of plastering for homeowners today.

One interior designer, Leigh Herzig, remarked that living inside your home with lime-plastered walls is like living inside a Rothko painting. From ancient times the material was used to finish walls. Recently it has undergone a revival, though.

Grey-tone Old Home Plaster

It is fashionable to keep your place elegant but straightforward with old plaster, which has a combination of grey tones. AS far as this may not sound thrilling, there’s no denying that it has a trendy vibe that’s at the height of fashion right now. Plus, it quickly goes with any kind of furniture that you may have in that room.

Statement Ceilings & Accent Walls

The accent wall has provided us with a perfect way to create a vivid and exciting focal spot in any space for many years now. Despite all that, as of now, it is all about the statement ceiling. Many times we tend to forget that the ceiling is an area very crucial,  yet with plastering, in particular, the potential is vast.

Draw lines into the plaster

Besides the type of plaster you should use in 2020, there is a need to look at the various ways of creating unique looks to make your plaster the star of the show. One way to do this is to draw lines inside the plaster. This will create an interesting detail, particularly when furniture is being placed against it.

Polished Residential Plaster

To all those who wish to have a shining as well as unique finish look, polished plaster is the best for you. It is among the trending residential plastering idea to adopt. It is one of the looks that never go out of fashion, especially for residential houses.

Plaster Tracery

Plaster Tracery is the top trendiest residential plastering design even adopted by famous households such as the home of Ken Fulk, in San Francisco. When you visit that home, the master bedroom ceiling is designed elegantly with stunning, well-made plaster tracery design. The house looks smart, incredible.

 Plaster for Energy Efficiency

As we consider other factors when plastering the wall or ceiling of our houses, we don’t consider appearance when it comes to choosing a plastering idea for residential dwellings. What matters is energy efficiency.

Above all, we are all concerned with our planet, and plastering can serve as an excellent insulator. What matters is the thickness of the plaster. This plastering renovation idea is gaining momentum and emphasis as time progress.

Raw Plaster with Warm Tones

In the last few years, distressed walls became very common. They represent fantastic look in rooms where the room is painted with one colour, but with a lot of different shades, Raw plaster can look very stunning, with warm pink or red tones. Hold everything in the room in the same colour for a truly artistic feel; you’ll be shocked at how much of a five-star effect this has.

Residential Plaster on Instagram and Pinterest

We have evolved into the world of technology, and today you can find a lot of plastering ideas from Pinterest as well as Instagram. They are great platforms providing plastering renovation inspirations and ideas you can adopt for your residential home.

Experiment with Plaster Textures

Plaster textures are significant when it comes to interior design due to that today. We’re more concerned about the texture rather than the colour use. Hence consider plaster textures when plastering your home.

Safety tips for your cornice

Using cornice plaster to enhance your home is a perfect and easy way to transform your ceiling. It’s that one popular feature that can dramatically improve the interior look of your home! Would you like to know how to manage these plaster mouldings? No worry. With these simple tips on how you can take care of your cornice make them last for a long time.

Do not use chemicals when cleaning cornices.

Cornices are made of plaster. Plaster is indeed very durable, but it may not be the best to use chemicals sometimes to clean them. The paint on the plaster can be cleaned using domestic or industrial cleaning products. Just warm water is enough.

Look for gentle cleaning materials.

If you are scraping dust, you can just use a soft dry cloth to wipe it off. That prevents the chipping off of the paint. You can also wet a soft rag with warm water if it requires further work, and rub the moulding gently to remove impurities.

Don’t be worried about seeing cracks.

Many homes have ceilings and walls which are built using different materials. Often, that’s why you’d see some gaps between the wall and cornice. It’s perfect, and it can be repaired absolutely. What you can do is call professional plasterers to fix the area or do it yourself. Just loose or damaged plaster must be scraped off, patched, sanded, and re-painted as healthy.

Schedule strip and re-paint sessions

As time passes, plaster cornices may get weathered. Poor maintenance practices may also cause the cornices to appear less attractive than they are. Restore the cornices to glory using frequently done proper strip-and-repaint sessions. This is particularly helpful if you have decorative cornice that needs more detail and methods of specialization.

Select the right kind of colour when restoring the cornice

Restoring sessions are enjoyable, and the homeowner can sometimes take over if they want to. One way to keep the plaster cornice clean, though, is to be mindful of which paint to use. Glossy or metallic paints, for example, are not recommended because they show imperfections on the surface. Alternatively, opt for the low-sheen styles.

How Plasterer can Change the Look of Your Home

Plastering is not just about ensuring you have four walls and a roof in your quarters. Craft is all about plastering too. Through new mouldings and finishes, a plaster will turn your home look and feel quickly.

Create Your Style with Cornices

There’s a cornice to suit you and your home, whether you’re a fan of the historical or the modern. Cornices are the decorative mouldings that link your inner wall to your ceiling. Not only do they reflect light and illuminate a room, but they also help you build a home that’s special to you.

Plaster your rooms using feature ceilings

Feature ceilings make a significant remark, several words are describing the impact feature ceilings may have on your home, however tedious is undoubtedly one of them. Working with a team of plastering experts will help to ensure the full wow factor for your ceiling. The kitchen or living room is the ideal location for this feature piece, so it is always on view.

Stay ahead of the game with Embroidered Arches

Every other home needs doorways; alternatively, it’s a box without any way in or out. Yet, there’s a way to add a little spice to your walkways. Swapping a door to an arch helps to give extra height to an area and to create a sense of more space. Just because the doors are more for practicality than design, this does not mean that your archway has to be. Embellished arches are ideal for homes in classic style, and they are perfect as feature pieces.

How to carry plastering services along protecting the environment

In our industry, there are new trends on how to take care of the environment while carrying out our tasks. We’re familiarizing ourselves with these new measures which have even attracted the parliament’s attention equally everyone.

Hence terms such as eco-friendly, being green, and carbon footprints are new, but every day they are becoming familiar to use in the industry. The big question is how these how this environmental discussion is affecting our industry at large?

As with any project, the base of the green building starts with the design stages. The goal, however, is to minimize the overall environmental impact when designing environmentally sustainable houses. It consists of a variety of values that can be individually or together effective in achieving a more significant cumulative effect. There is no question that the methods and techniques used in green buildings are changing with the ever-increasing demand for such. Though the most significant overall impact often comes down to doing the basics; thus, here are two critical issues with implementing when carrying your plastering job to safeguard the environment.

Water efficiency

When carrying your plastering job plan on how to reduce water use anytime possible. The primary purpose of water by plasterers is during the purification of plastering devices. This is usually done with a flowing hose. Why not try to clean your equipment with a wash-station?

Wash stations are a compact, labour-saving device that is environmentally friendly to have on-site. Specific wash stations for plastering are designed to clean drywall materials, recycle drywall mud, and reuse wash water. Such wash stations are especially useful for plasterers who work on more significant commercial projects.

Waste Reduction

Is your discarded plasterboard recycled? Besides, did you also know that the plasterboard is 100% recyclable into reusable items like gypsum and paper? More than 1 million tons of plasterboard is manufactured in Australia each year. A small amount of this, along with other construction and demolition waste, ends up in the landfill.

The plasterers have several options to recycle their discarded plasterboard. You can choose to deliver the waste yourself at a local recycling plant, or it can be collected through skip bins, waste bags, or thrown straight into the truck at your worksite.

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